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Salam Aidil Adha. Setelah sekian lama menyepi diri kerana tugas, kini saya kembali menulis dalam Dakwat dan kertas dalam bentuk yang sedikit berbeda. Selama lebih setahun bertugas, banyak perkembangan politik dan ekonomi yang memberangsangkan. Warga Jasa banyak memberikan sumbangan besar dalam perkembangan positif ini.

Kini nampaknya sistem sudah tersusun rapi dan memungkinkan ruang untuk meneruskan penulisan.
Sebelum saya meneruskan penulisan, pandangan terakhir Raja Petra Kamarudin seperti yang diturunkan dibawah ini sangat menarik perhatian semua pihak. Diturunkan pandangan beliau seperti yang ditulis dalam Malaysia Today.


They blame Zaid for jeopardising the future of the opposition coalition. They even chide Malaysia Today for ‘hurting’ Pakatan Rakyat. But these ‘they’ are the same people who are burning the bridges and making it impossible for Zaid to reconsider his position.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

I have always picked up pieces by Tay Tian Yan (translated by Dominic Loh) to feature in Malaysia Today. This is the first time I am replying to what they published.

First of all, why are they ‘crediting’ the Third Force to Zaid Ibrahim? Talk of the Third Force emerged long before there was any indication of trouble in PKR or that Zaid would be leaving the party. Suddenly, everyone is saying that Zaid is the leader of the so-called Third Force. And I say so-called because there are hardly any clouds on the horizon and umbrellas are already popping up everywhere.

Is the Third Force just mulling, like the Unity Government was mulled over back in 2008 soon after the last general election, and which came to nought in the end?

There are some people in PKR who are attempting to play mediator to urge the two factions to close ranks. They are trying to persuade Zaid to not leave the party and instead stay on and continue his struggle within PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.

However, the way Zaid is being demonised, it will make it very difficult for the two factions to close ranks. Can Zaid now cool down and reconsider his position? I don’t think so with what is being said about him. No way can the wounds heal. In fact, with the salt being rubbed into Zaid’s wounds it would hurt even more.

They blame Zaid for jeopardising the future of the opposition coalition. They even chide Malaysia Today for ‘hurting’ Pakatan Rakyat. But these ‘they’ are the same people who are burning the bridges and making it impossible for Zaid to reconsider his position.

After what they are saying about Zaid he has no other choice but to move on and not look back in spite of the efforts to hammer out a reconciliation and ‘peace treaty’.

Take this piece by Tay/Dominic. There is a tone of mockery in the way they write. If they had come out with a political analysis, that would be quite acceptable. When there is mockery in your voice then expect Zaid to take a stance of no compromise.

“To know things half way through is tremendously dangerous,” said Tay/Dominic. I can say the same about them. Why are they assuming that Zaid is going to form a new party? From what I know, at this point of time Zaid has no intentions of forming a new party. He also has no intentions of joining another existing party. But if you push him too much and if you continue to mock him then he might just do that out of spite. And I would not blame him if he did. If you mock me I too would retaliate in the worse possible way that I can.

I suppose people like Tay/Dominic who are aligned to one faction in PKR are delighted with the current conflict in PKR. They are delighted that Zaid is leaving. In fact, they may even be aware that there are attempts being made to try to persuade the two factions to close ranks and to persuade Zaid not to leave.

Maybe this is why Zaid is being demonised. Maybe these are the real Trojan Horses after all. They are worried that a peace treaty might be hammered out and peace will again reign in PKR. So they are rubbing Zaid the wrong way to make sure that he does not cool down and reconsider his position.

It takes two hands to clap. We are only looking at what wrongs Zaid has done, which I do admit he has erred. But does this mean only Zaid has erred and the other side is noble and a reincarnation of Mother Teresa?

When I speak up for Zaid I am accused of being in his camp. I also speak up for Anwar, have been for 12 years until today (as far as his sodomy trials are concerned). Does this mean I am also in Anwar’s camp? How I can I be both in Zaid’s and Anwar’s camps when they are at loggerheads?

Zaid and Azmin are at each other’s throats. But I speak up for Zaid and also send Azmin congratulatory messages. Should I instead send Azmin a nasty message with four-letter words to ‘prove’ I am Zaid’s man?

I don’t mock Azmin. I send him nice messages. Why then should we mock Zaid? Is it to make sure that he hates PKR and do as much damage to PKR as he can?

Many try to pretend that they are matured. Sure, and when I go have tea with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad I never hear the end of it. Actually, the present problems facing PKR were triggered by the so-called PKR strong supporters who enjoy mocking others. This is probably the way for small people to imagine themselves as big people.

I can only see that there would be no turning back for Zaid. The effort to mediate in this matter and get Zaid to cool down and reconsider his stand is going to fail. And this is all because of the Trojan Horses masquerading as strong party supporters.

Do they really want the matter to be resolved or do they enjoy seeing this conflict in PKR?

Macam ni mampus lah PKR. Hancur!


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